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I'd put the first bit on a piano, slowed down, with chords underneath, then go all hard-pan left fast djenty guitar

Tell you what, i'll just leave this to the people who know what they're on about ;D
Periphery, love that shit!
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Sounds great, djent needs more artists!

I agree, More people should post it on here as well!
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Tell you what, i'll just leave this to the people who know what they're on about ;D

you really dont know what your talking about. djent has way to many artists and they are all the same sounding like meshuggah ripoffs.

onto the crit

the clean intro was kinda bland, maybe a delay effect could help make it better. the intro distortion guitar is nice, very groovey indeed. the breakdown was kinda meh, it was chunky but it did the same thing for to long and it was also kind of bland. try adding other types of synth's to make it more atmospheric.
I thought I critted this already, but I guess not.

As amonamarthmetal said, the clean bit was somewhat bland, but the first heavy riff was great. Really kicks you in the balls. The breakdown is well implemented, but I'd suggest cutting it shorter and moving on to something else. Definitely re-implement that first riff eventually, although not immediately after the breakdown- that'd be monotonous.

It's a good start, but that's all it is, a start. Can't really say much about it.

C4C? Finished Post Hardcore piece
Unfinished Prog/PHxC

Either one will do- the top one is finished, but the bottom one I'm stuck on where to go with. Thanks.
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