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There's a song that really speaks to me when i'm fighting for my right to party. Can't remember the name.
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Isn't it a pity?
Now, isn't it a shame?
How we break each other's hearts,
And cause each other pain...

"Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it." - John Lennon
the most recent one i've found is stop this train by john mayer, purely out of my deep fear of commitment, and it's just an amazing song.
"watchin your vids online still brings tears to my eyes" RIP Depzman
Do the creep by Lonely Island
"I have good eye-sight, insight, and foresight. How could an
intelligent hare make such a silly mistake?"
Seize the Day - A7X

Not as much about Necrophilia as TS's, but still how I feel
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this love is ****ing right!
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Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset and Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive/Negative) by Modest Mouse pretty much described my life a few years ago. I got out of it, but I still love those songs. Not really sure about what songs would describe me these days.
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Hmm. Thats pretty hard, I really can't think of any music I listen to that could describe my life.
I Got Shit - Pearl Jam. Not so much any more but a couple of months ago that was pretty much my life
I know these songs have already been mentioned, but still:
"Creep" by Radiohead,
"I'm a Loser" by The Beatles,
and of course,
"Blackout" by Muse...
Self Loathing Orchestration by Bishop of Hexen
^^ Hahah, I'm just kidding.. or am I?

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snuff - slipknot (could have been stone sour though)
-Jackson Soloist Std. Professional '93
DiMarzio Evolution (bridge) SD Lil' Screamin Demon (neck)

-B.C. Rich Warlock Special Edition Metal Web

-Peavey Bandit 112
Melrose Diner-Wonder Years
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Too many songs to list. All I've been listening to recently TBH
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Do the creep by Lonely Island

The easiest songs to relate too are ones...self written, haha. But besides that, songs like "love rhymes with hideous car wreck" sometimes seem easy to relate too, but then sometimes happy go lucky songs like "hectic" describe my mood. Not one song can convey everything in one's life methinks.
I've said this so many times, but what's one more?

Only In Dreams - Weezer
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"Killing Me Killing You", "Drown Together", and "You are the One" by Sentenced.
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you can relate to that song? then you might want to see a doctor about that.
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