Here's my cover of Children of Bodoms "Downfall"

There is no lead guitar, I'm looking for someone who can record it for me. I recorded vocals, and rhythm guitar, I just used the synth and drum track from a guitar pro file, and I realized after recording I forgot some lyrics before the solo area, anyways please give some feedback on what I have completed so far!

Your guitar tone is way, way too muddy. Turn your gain down.
Your vocals need work, a lot of work. Look into lessons maybe? Or at least videos on the internet on how to scream/growl properly.
well I would agree that the guitars can have some gain cut from them. While it may seem thta more gain = more awesome....there is a teetering point. Back off on some of the gain and the true guitar sound can cut through better. I wouldn't necessarily say your screams are bad....but they are terribly mixed. And I dont intend that as an insult by any means. For one they are overpowering....so I would cut them back...or better yet if you have the capability to in your DAW....automate them. Also...they desperately could use some compression to level those peaks. All things considered though....not bad. I did a cover of this song ages ago.....but mine was pitiful haha.

What are you using to record anyways? Reaper? Adobe?...PT? Cubase? I may not be the best at recording, but I can offer what little expertise I have...which is why I'm here listening to peoples mixes...

If you're looking for something to do...would appreciate a listen on our cover of Jotun (In Flames).

Thanks for the feedback, I understand the tone and such isn't the greatest, I cheaped out when it came to recording. I will cut back on some gain as suggested for the guitar. My vocals are from cheaping out on equipment, and also me not having any clue about mixing. And at the moment I'm only using Audacity. Though I'm trying to figure out Reaper.

I'll give your cover a listen later today when I get a chance Severhead.
Audacity isn't bad for just a freeware saw...although I'm not too sure about it's capabilities. I have heard good things about reaper though..which is also free???? To keep it simple I would try the compression on the vocals first. Once you get the tracks all
Laid out just put on a compressor plugin that comes with reaper. Since the dynamics of your scram at very extreme you may need a fairly high ratio...maybe try 8-10:1 ratio...somewhere in that range...maybe more if needed. Maybe attack time around 20ms...release around 40ms and mess with the threshold to the point that the volume sounds more leveled. That's just a general approach but that should help out with the screams some. Either way...mixing can be a bitch...but once u get it right...it's well worth it