i posted this in the stickied "which pickup" thread, but didn't get any useful responses so i'm making my own thread.
i have an old Peavey Nitro guitar with an alder body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard that needs new pickups. the stock ones aren't very good. it has an HSS configuration and a Kahler Spyder locking tremolo. i play mostly metal, and that is probably what i will use this guitar for most, but i do play jazz and some funk/fusion stuff as well so a little versatility would be nice, but not required. i don't want actives cause i don't want to rout a batter cavity into the body. right now i'm looking at a Dimarzio X2N for the bridge and a Dimarzio Injector for the neck, not sure about the middle, but i'm not sure how these will sound with the alder body. what do you guys/girls recommend?
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