I was looking in the Recording FAQ, mainly at the part about micing up a drum set. Which microphones should be used (ideally) for each drum? Including the overhead.
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This is a long one

erm SM57 snare top/bottom
D112 Kick
C414 hi-hats
421s for the toms (though clip on mics will make setting mics up easier)
KM184s for overheads
Coles 4038s for shoulder mics if required

That's the set-up I tend to use for the whole kit
Defo an sm57 on snare, they're easy to work with and are reasonably cheap, a pair of condensors for overheads and some kind of dynamic kick mic. I've got a pretty shit kick and kick mic so I trigger mine which works out well
So damn expensive to get mics to do the kit justice, thankfully I am at uni and have access to pretty much any mic I want
Do you have a budget? Or is this a question about what would be the best if money wasn't a factor?

My ideal setup is MD421s on the toms,
2 sm57s on the snare,
A D112 and Subkick on the kick (yes, I like subkicks...)
A 414 with a fig 8 polar pattern is fun sometimes between kick and snare instead of the bottom snare mic, but isn't necessary
Overheads rides and hi hat mics are debatable. I've had good luck with a ksm141 on the hat and ride. I like to use a matched pair of decent pencil condensers in an XY over the kit.
Room mics are also debatable, but a decent pair of omni's normally does the trick.
I think my ideal setup would be

Kick - Sennheiser e602 & Shure Beta 91, Possibly an AKG D12 for older genres (and if I could actually get hold of/afford one!)
Snare - SM57 or Beta 57 on top, Neumann KM 184 underneath
Hats - KM 184
Sennheiser MD241's, possibly another e602 or a Shure Beta52 on the floor tom, depending on the genre
Overheads - AKG C414's
Room mics - probably another pair of C414's or some U87's, depending on the kit and the room.

This is just my preference, I really don't like the D112 and I find the beta 52 hard to work with in some genres, and I've yet to find an all round kick mic I like more than the E602, especially paired with the beta 91.
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