Hello there!

My name is Salomon, from Sweden. I'm born 1995 and I play acoustic solo fingerstyle guitar. I use all my fingers to play bass, rythm, melody and percussion - at the same time. Or I at least try to

I've recorded two of my own compositions and posted on YouTube for your pleasure ^^

Demo #3

The video above is my latest tune. It's a pretty simple and happy one, but I like it.

Demo #1

The video above, Demo #1, is the first real fingerstyle tune i wrote and I uploaded it today even tough I wrote it in february. It's in E G# B F# B D# aka open Emaj7 tuning I think it's fun and it have some more percussions elements in it than Demo #3

Well, thank you for listening (if you did)! Feedback is always welcome! Thanks
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Are you using an electric-acoustic? Because I've never heard harmonics come out that clearly on a regular acoustic.

Also, both songs are great. I liked Demo #1 the best. Some really bitchin' melodies and such.
Thank you!! The guitar I'm using is an electric-acoustic, but the pickup is broken at the moment + I almost never connect it to an amp anyway. The sounds from the videos are purely acoustic
****ing beautiful, man. I wsih i could play that well!!
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