I just got a new reissue fender twin. One problem I've had with it is it will randomly create this static sound, it starts out real quiet, gradually get's loud, then get's quiet again before going away, kind of sounds like an ocean wave coming in and receeding on the beach. This usually happens over the course of 10-20 seconds. Sometimes after it goes away, it's followed by a pop noise that comes out of the speakers. It seems to come randomly, only a couple times a day, but it does worry me. Has anyone heard of this before?

Also, when I turn the tremolo on using the footswitch, it creates the exact same pop noise. It also occasionally does it when I turn the standby off and the power off.
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Make sure you have clean power. My house was great, had no problems, and then my Blue Voodoo started making these whooshing static noises once I moved into my apartment, and it came because the wiring in my complex is a piece of shit. I invested in a power conditioner, and that seemed to more or less solve the problem. Still occasionally had whooshes, but not nearly as frequently. That's what did it for me anyways
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^ interesting. Could you link me to a power conditioner? I think my apartment might have shit wiring too.
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I just discovered something new, if I adjust the reverb control on my amp as it happens, I can control the volume of the static and the popping noises. If I got it on 1 it's just a quiet little muffle. I'm starting to doubt that it's the power supply, I think there's something wrong with my amp.
Is it tube driven reverb? I'd double check the preamp tube that powers the reverb if so.
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It's a fender twin, so I think so. Would that be an expensive fix?
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It's a fender twin, so I think so. Would that be an expensive fix?

Generally its a 12at7 tube which aren't too expensive ($10 or so). I could be totally wrong on my diagnosis but its a thought. Bad preamp tubes can emit a lot of different noises when going bad, and can also amplify other in amp sounds when they are microphonic.
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You can get a kind of bacon sizzling noise if the pins on the tubes or the sockets are dirty. I had an amp brought into me with this and used some alcohol to clean the tube pins and sockets. Clean the pins and while wet stick them in and out of the sockets. Do this a couple of times.

Do this with the power off and amp discharged! Wait for the alcohol to dry and then power it up.