My first foray into writing on my acoustic, since my electric will be out of commission for some while. I originally meant to include some vocals, but idk, it just didnt seem fitting. Anyways, I would love some thoughts on this. Its pretty simple, but I find it quite calming.
I like it a lot. Very smooth movement in your playing. The progression is calming, as you said, very nice. I like all of your...melodic runs between the chord sections. Perhaps if you wanted to use it later you would develop the movement a bit more but as is, I think it's pretty swell.


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Haha thanks for the positive feedback guys much appreciated. I find myself doing some more pieces like this in the future. Like I said, originally I intended to include lyrics, but I just didnt find them fitting. Maybe a backing guitar as another layer to the track, I could do that.

And haha its a takamine actually, with some really snazzy inlays and trimming. Its a lovley guitar that suits me well, and has a great sound, but my only gripe is the lack of a cut away, something that has been bugging me more recently