So I'm in a symphonic black metal band and we have a shit ton of orchestral arrangements that need to be played back on stage (think septicflesh style). I'm wondering what the best way to do this is since I have no clue where to begin. Do I have the samples prerecorded and have the soundguy play them back and the band just follows the sound clips? And what about tempo fluctuations since that will inevitably happen with a live band?
i saw this band and they had backup stuff like that and they had these in ear things that played the tempo of the backup music, it sounded really good you should look into that yo, and they basically had a pedal hooked up to a computer or something like that, if that helps
you could lso find a way to imply the samples....

like the samples are probably playing chords, you could have one guitarist playing those chords instead. I usually find that much more impressive.

on the other hand you can get in ear pieces to listen to them as they are played. however you are gonna need to play pretty much on point, especially the drummer.
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i don't know about that type of music, but i play in a pop-punk band and in that style of music there tends to be a decent amount of backtracking (synth,beats, etc) going on. Generally what occurs is the drummer has like an ipod or something hooked up to the PA with the back tracks playing off of it. The tracks are panned left and right, one side has the track or samples, and the other has a click that the drummer plays to so that everyone stays on time. Works pretty well as long as the drummer is competent lol.
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I used to play in a Nightwish coverband, we had as stated above one side panned click track and the other side where the samples, we just had a MP3 player and someone to press the play buttons when the songs came up. The click track was routed to the drummers monitor and the samples to the front-of-house.
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