my guitar- Epiphone SG Custom EX

all info and specs should be easily found on the website below by clicking on the SG tab, then the EX tab then details and then specs


Right now it is in drop c with 10's and i dont like the way it sounds at all compared to
some of my friends guitars. it seems clingy and annoying and i want a deep powerful

I was thinking that maybe im just not very good with my 30w peavey amp to
get a good sound (which i will prolly make a forum on because i think that half of the
problem is that my amps settings are just random because i dont know what im

-i was planning on buying some 13's and maybe 12's for the high 3 strings but maybe not, does this sound fine for drop B and sometimes drop C?

-ive heard i might need to do some modifications to my guitar like something to do with the bridge not being big enough for the strings or something but idrk, what do i need to do?
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Purchase a set of .012-.056 strings and put them on your guitar. Tune it up and adjust the truss rod as necessary.

I would suggest going to a music store and see if they can set your guitar up specifically for that tuning (bridge, truss, possibly a new nut). A guitar with a longer neck helps with drop tunings as well.
what precisely do you mean by "clingy?"

String rattle? If that's the case you'll probably need to readjust your action. It it was set relatively low from the factory (for playing in E) then dropping the tuning down to C and B would give you buzzing on most of the notes (less tension on the strings = more room for the vibrate to and fro, making contact with the frets)

Also, try dialing out more bass in your amp. Adding bass with a low tuning is a surefire recipe for MUD
You'll likely have to widen the nut slots and possibly even the string saddles to accommodate the much wider strings. You'll also need to adjust the truss rod and let the tension settle on the neck. Might have to re-intonate as well.
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Take it to a shop and have them throw .13s and a setup on it.

Pretty much done.
^That. Shouldn't run you too much.

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first, this would probably be better off in the electric guitar forum as its more a setup question. so for future reference

second, as everyones said, just get some bigger strings and either set it up yourself, or if youre not comfortable doing it (and it sounds like youre not) take it to a store and they can set it up for you. research the store first if possible though, because some stores overcharge ridiculously, and some of them cant set up for shit. so ask your friends where they go etc.

third, new amps are always great too. but the light strings sound like your problem. head over to the GG&A forum and ask them how to setup your amp for metal
to neversleep is my neck considered long?

argentotenebre- when i say clingy i mean like the tone is kinda a high pitch and doesnt have that deep tone im looking for if that makes sense. the strings themselves are kinda wobbly too but not incredibly wobbly.

to all- it seems like i might be better off just giving it to a store for the mods, so i think ill do that. but the one thing im not too sure on is whether i should use 13's or 12's.

13's are apparently harder to play but seeing as ill be playing in B and C wouldn't it cancel out the strings stiffness and bendability? besides i seem to over bend my strings anyway sometimes when playing fast. i just want the most powerful sound possible whether its a bit harder to play or not.
You have a shorter scale, go for the .13s. A good tech should be able to set it up nice.

As for the amp. raise the low end and cut the high. They're labeled.

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I tihnk after he gets his bigger strings he won't even need to mess with the eq.
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Bigger strings, adjust truss rod.

Bass up, mids down, treble equal or above bass.
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thanks everyone! ill be going in this weekend to get the 13's! and i also found a really good amp set up from another forum