I have a very hard time trying to find good EQ setting on my Fender Blues Jr. The knobs are not very sensitive so I can't hear any difference...

I have watched several youtube videos on how to EQ your amp but the Blues Jr is tricky, it's not sensitive at all !!!!

I find that the louder I go, the more I have the lower the mids... Isn't that weird ?
What you should do is turn all of your EQ controls to noon, and tweak them a little bit at a time as you want to add/subtract certain frequencies. I have never heard of anyone not having to tweak their EQ based on the volume they are playing at. You know the settings page that comes in the manual? Try marking out your favorite EQ settings based on your volume, as you become more familiar with your amp you will have to refer to these less and less.
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^That. I didn't have any problems at all with my BJ and Ive done lots of gigs with them and know several other musicians who do as well and we have never had any problems setting them up. Even when one of us sets in for a song or two and only have like 5 sec to adjust before the song starts.

If all else fails, you could always get an EQ pedal.
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