Hey UG.

Dunlop DC Power Brick
Up for sale is my Dunlop DC Power Brick that I bought about 2 years ago. It retails for $120 USD and has been used maybe twice, only at home. I am selling it because I just do not use it enough (ie. never). It can power 7 9 volt pedals and 3 18 volt pedals and is in perfect condition.

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus
This is a great chorus pedal but I just do not use it. Perfect condition, retails for $50.

Tab Books
Kill 'Em All - Cherry Lane
Ride The Lightning - Cherry Lane
Master Of Puppets - Cherry Lane
...And Justice For All - Cherry Lane
Dire Straits Chord Book [All Songs] - Wise Publications
Avenged Sevenfold Self Titled - Hal Leonard
Iron Maiden Anthology - Hal Leonard
Van Halen Anthology - Alfred

I'll be willing to trade for a Way Huge Green Rhino if anyone has one.

DC Brick - $75 + Shipping
Chorus Pedal - $30 + Shipping
Tab Books - $12 each + Shipping (Canada - $2, US - $4)

PM me or reply to this thread for more information.
Do you still have the Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus?

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