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As I have little money, and a desire to aquire new guitars that cannot be satisfied, I've been looking around for small company, off brand guitars which are cheap (<$750) but still a high quality product. Or value line guitars from big names which end up being really good.

I'm thinking of brands like Agile. I've considered buying an agile, but hate the idea of buying before playing.
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build your own. It will be off brand, quality, and a hobby so you do not keep wasting your money on junk
PRS SE's are quite good. Squier has been ablaze with high quality teles/strats as of late, check out their classic vibe lineup.
parker, brian moore, maybe a yamaha SG.
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Quote by jsspang
build your own. It will be off brand, quality, and a hobby so you do not keep wasting your money on junk

+1, im building my first-ish build right now. im having a great time, and ill never buy a full guitar again. maybe parts/mix/match some, but i want something thats MINE.
make it simple like me. buy parts already made, and make them what you want. reshape the body, the headstock, paint it or whatever. spend the real money on your electronics.
Edit: I also vote for building your own guitar. Now, Here's generally what I was saying at first though I edited it too.

Hallmark are supposed to have some pretty good guitars available, I say supposed to because I haven't played any though I keep hearing they're great. (And they come with hardshell cases) But they're just a bit above your price range...


60 Custom model - $999:

Johnny Ramone models - $899:

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parker, brian moore, maybe a yamaha SG.

PARKER. YES. Parkers are absolutely top-notch. They don't cut corners on their import models, either (I have an import Parker acoustic and it plays better than any US-made acoustic I've tried).
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