I've searched a lot on this but nothing is generally in my budget area (either too low or high).

Budget? - Anywhere up to about £500-600, 700 at a stretch ($800-950, $1100 max)

Genres? - Thrash metal (mainly), a bit of death metal and prog death/rock, at least decent cleans (2 channels, clean/gain), preferably good
New or Used? - Both
Home or Gig? - Home (bedroom practice), and jamming. Valve (tube) only.
Closest City? - Birmingham, UK
Current Gear? - Peavey Vypyr 30, which I've put off upgrading for a long time due to mostly bedroom playing and me being strapped for cash

I looked at amps like the Laney GH50 but it doesn't have two channels. I'm mainly looking for a nice, thrash metal amp which has two footswitchable channels for more progressive moments. The tone on Metallica's AJFA (ignoring the bad production) and the tone on Megadeth's RIP are my two favourite tone styles.
I don't know if this would work, or if you cna find one for that much, but maybe a Mesa Boogie Mark III blue stripe or a Mark IV?

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The JCA 50 or 100w are great amps.
Look into 'em. They're great for thrash with a boost

This is quite a good option too
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I'm gonna say a used Peavey XXX

After getting mine i've realised it's more suited to thrash metal and dream theater style metal

Ah this is a great idea also, I didn't think about this one.

The XXX is pretty versatile, I don't see why people dislike the cleans either
I was thinking about something along the XXX, JSX etc line but they're all 100-120W in my experience, which generally doesn't sound too good (or can't do) bedroom level volume for practicing.

The JCA50 seems to be a good option though - But can it do bedroom levels as well as small gigs/jamming? If not, how does the JCA22 compare (the 22 has two channels and the 20 only one, so the 20 is out).
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