Hey guys! recently I've been able to just come up with new songs in seconds! so I got 4 new ones for you. Songs 1 and 8 are brand new, and number 4 was me fixing up an old one. Also I attempted ambient music so try that song out to and tell me how i did.
Ambient music is cool, sounds like something that would play during the intro credits of a horror film. The originals are pretty good, but I would suggest using a metronome when you record, or at least practice the song with a metro before you record it, your timing is pretty choppy in spots. Otherwise, not bad at all.
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Oh, bummer. I wasn't trying to bash you or anything, I just think your comps would sound better with a little more polish. I think there are from free online metronomes. Anyways, keep writing and playing, you'll only get better.