hi everyone, i've been learning the (acoustic) guitar since january. I have three months off before i have to go back to school and i am very serious about becoming good at the instrument. I am willing to put in 4-5 hours of work everyday for the next three months but i want to practice efficiently and learn as many things as possible. How do i make sure i am not wasting my time and that i am using it productively?

I am going to spend an hour practicing switching chords and another learning how to strum better. Any other things i should learn? Thanks alot

BTw i do have guitar lesson once a week with a very good teacher. He is just teaching me one song per week but i want to learn alot more since i have the time to do so.
Tell your teacher that you need to learn technique instead of songs, and how to apply those techniques into songs after you can do them.
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well, quite contrary, by teaching songs, you are learning to use those techniques in a way that makes it enjoyable. i would say keep doing what your doing but try to learn theory EARLY in your learning because it will be harder (IMO) to learn it later
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Learn theory and scales. Practice them and apply them. Also practice as many songs as you can. Play riffs over and over again until you've nailed them. Don't worry about memorizing, just worry about being capable of playing.
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thanks for the help guys. I will ask my teacher to teach me some theory when i see him this saturday.

Also does anyone know some good beginer riffs i can learn? I want to do the easy ones first, then move onto the complicated ones gradually. So far i've learned "Smoke on the water" by deep purple which is a relatively simple riff. I found it quite easy to play, now i am trying to perfect it. Any others?
Paranoid by Black Sabbath is a nice riff and chord progression for someone starting out. Its fun to play too.

Choose songs that you like that aren't too hard. Chances are you can find the tabs/chords on this site. Tabs alone will not make you a good player, but for someone starting out its a good way to get some real fun happening fast. And after all, its all about fun!

Keep up with your lessons and theory... those are the things that will really make you a better player in the long run.
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Most people practice for too long at a stretch. That's not to say you can't practice several hours in a given day if you are so inclined, but don't do it all at once. every half hour or so get up, walk around, get a drink, take a piss, kick the cat, whatever. Go back in 10-15 minutes and start again.

Give your mental processes time to digest what you are trying to learn.
Nirvana was a band full of power chords. I was amazed at how easy their songs were. Look up Lounge Act, because thats incredibly easy.