hey guys!
im looking to buy a new guitar that would fit my needs the best for the price.
I need a very versatile guitar that will fit my genres of rock, blues, jazz, metal, hard rock, punk, classical, slide and a bit of country.. so basically everything.
this will be my 3rd guitar as its my 2nd year of playing.
i played a squier for a bit just to learn then bought a Epiphone SG for $250.
I am definatly not a beginner and want to start to get into playing guitar seriously and i need an upgrade from my Epiphone.
I was looking at some Ibanez models in a book i borrowed from my teacher and i came across the SA260FM. This guitar seems like a beast for the price and will play anything i wish but i think the price ($350 - $450) is fooling me a bit. I like it but atthat price it seems like im not upgrading much, it's a great price but i just don't want a guitar that is aBIT better than my Epiphone.

thnks and leave any suggestions and/or comments to help me out.
A Telecaster with Humbuckers perhaps?
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I believe a prs is a great choice, but don't let price tags decide a guitar for you. I've played a lot of 700 guitars that I thought were just as good as 3000 guitars.