MT. VERNON — A new exhibit by the Jefferson County Historical Society in the Schweinfurth Museum at the historical village features wedding dresses from the early 20th century.

The exhibit, put together by historical society member Lucy Baker, features several wedding dresses the Jefferson County Historical Society had in its collection and is on display in a parlor-like setting, complete with wallpaper and furnishings.

According to information from the society, until the middle of the 20th century, wedding dresses were in the style of otherdresses of the period. Wedding dresses were meant to be worn again, so they were not necessarily white, but at time a more serviceable color since they would most likely be worn again and again. Brides frequently made their own dresses and the dresses were frequently two pieces — the bodice and the skirt. Some brides just wore the best dresses they had and did not make or buy a new dress. Before the early 20th century, brides were often married in their home until church weddings became popular. Not until the mid-20th century did the “white wedding” become standard with what most think of as a traditional white wedding dress, which only minimally reflected the current style of dress.
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