A tad too much of the bass is cutting through (in my opinion), also the rhythm guitar is a tad quiet in areas.

Great playing though, a good take on the song.
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the lead guitar is far too loud. and the rhythm isn't loud enough either. as for the bass, i dont know if it's a volume issue as much as it is an issue with mixing it properly. it seems to be mixed to stand out, which was probably accidental. if you cut some of the low end (to my ears, more toward the upper low end - lower mid range) out of there, it would probably have sat better in there.
Problem with the bass sounds more like a need for more compression (a lot more, tbh) to keep the notes even in volume and reduce the apparent resonance on some of the notes. Otherwise, it's already been covered and I've not heard the original so it's hard for me to know what is the mix and what was a deliberate decision to recreate things.
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Could you listen to the bass on the other songs on my profile? I always thought the bass was a little too quiet so my songs were a little dry so I decided to turn up the bass guitar in this mix. Let me know if you think the other songs are better.

And for the rhythm guitar I actually only realized how quiet it was after I rendered it and put it on youtube. That was a mistake on my part for not listening to it more closely before I rendered.