first off, this is the only time i've ever re-posted a thread that i posted on another board, but i can use any input i can get.

so here's the situation. i have 1 guitar i love and a custom on the way, but i want a guitar i won't love quite as much that can sit out on a stand or be taken off to neighborhood jams or to the park. i sold my yamaha jr1, and hadn't realized how much i was grabbing it despite the tone and intonation issue on the b string. i have an injured shoulder, so i can only comfortably play small guitars. and of the guitars on my list, i just can't decide. every one has upsides and downsides.

i can go around $500 but would prefer to go less unless something is really spiffy. another catch - i'd rather buy new and make several payments from a store that offers that option, but i don't absolutely have to. if you've played any of these or have any input, that would rock!

  • i prefer a 1 3/4" or wider nut but can live with 1 11/16"
  • i already have a V neck guitar - would prefer not to have another but not having one is not imperative
  • tthe smaller the lower bout the better, 4" deep is my max
  • 12 frets or a short scale below 24" is more comfortable
  • i'd prefer decent tone but i don't expect miracles

guitars i'm considering:

Great Divide SGOH-28-G Parlor Acoustic Guitar
12.5" lower bout, 12 frets to the body, comes with gigbag. haven't played this one, don't have info on nut width or body depth.

i played a sunburst acoustic electric version, and it sounded really great! and it looked sooo purty. not sure if the non sunburst non electric versions sound as good. it was not quite uncomfortable for my shoulder, but was as long as i can go. cannot find the sunburst acoustic electric version for payments but i can find the natural finish acoustic version.

Washburn R314K 125th Anniversary Parlor Acoustic Guitar
never played one, but it has 12 frets to the body, small lower bout, nice wide nut, and comes with a case. not thrilled with the v neck, but it's possible i will have to compromise on that.

Takamine GMINI and EGMINI
haven't seen one in person, size and scale are excellent for me, nice looking, solid cedar top - only one that isn't spruce, recordings i've heard weren't all that they could be, electronics didn't sound too good, pricy for what they are.

Simon & Patrick Woodland Pro Parlor Spruce
played one at mccabe's that was on sale - nice looking, 12 frets to the body, a little less bass than i love but actually sounded quite nice, the only all solid guitar in this list, it's just above my price range and i can't find a store that sells this one on payments.
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The S&M Woodland Pro Parlour Spruce is on sale at Musiciansbuy.com for $599...that's as low as I can find it.
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thanks - good find! wish i could find it for 4 payments as i have to send a check the luthier finishing up my custom so can't spend that much more on guitars in the next 2 months.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!

I've played this. it's 3/4 scale and tuned to A with a solid cedar top. It's the mini version of my guitar and both sound great IMO. it's on the small side however for the nut. :/
funny you should bring that up. i once ordered it from an online store and they sent me the full sized version, the model without the T at the end. breedlove told me it had a wider nut - i take it they were mistaken?
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
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according to the guitar center stats the travel size and full size models are both the same at 42mm. Can't seem to find the c250/cm T on breedloves website though. Very strange goings ons here. haha