After a week of practice I got this riff down:

First off we have a trill, ignore that. Notice the second hammer on, and the thrid pull off?

Are those played at the same pace as the rest of the riff, or are they kind of like extra notes you play (hammer on to/pull off to) in between the pace you are going at?
i find Guitar pro really useful for figuring things out like this because it has standard notation above the tab so that you can read the rhythm. I cant actually see the tab youve posted cause my web filter at work is blocking so i cant actually advise you in this instance.
There's no trill in there, I learned how to play this riff in 2 days flat way back when I started working on this song. It's just a run with a couple of hammer ons and pull offs, depending on how you pick this it could be seen as a break from the picking or just another opportunity to economy pick.

I economy pick this whole lick, but honestly if you down pick it it's more of a little break so you can catch up to play the rest of the lick. Not much of a break but it's enough haha.