I am looking to buy a dual or triple rectifier from somewhere in america. I live in australia but want to make use of our strong dollar and america's cheaper prices. I am aware I will need the transformer converted for 240V.
I will need to buy the Dual or Triple rectifier head (with footswitch etc), and a 4x12 Cab (preferably slant). I was just wondering if anyone knows an american store that will post these to Australia. Also if anyone has done this if there is any advice they'd like to share.
I have seen these items on eBay but would like to purchase an unused amp and most eBay posts dont state the year model of the amp.
One more thing, is it worth going for a triple over the dual? Or is it just a bit of a waste of money? I tried a dual in the local shop and it sounded incredible compared to my mate's mesa single rectifier. Does the triple outdo the dual by the same amount or is there not much difference because you never seem to see much of them.
Thanks for your help!!