Hello there friends!
I have been playing guitar since April 09, and naturally, I can see a big improvement in my playing from then 'till now. I mostly play hard rock and heavy metal songs, and I'm usually into Metallica, among a handful of other bands. These days I've been trying to branch out to playing other bands' music (as LOTS of people have often suggested, STRONGLY) and get better on 'other fronts', so to speak. I love to play lead guitar, but as expected, rhythm is easier right now.

Anyway, lately I've noticed that when doing alternate picked riffs, especially galloping riffs, my upstrokes feel natural and extremely comfortable, compared to when I am starting the lick with a downstroke. I think it's because I spent a long time focusing on my upstrokes... (look what happened! )

How can I strengthen my downstrokes?
Thanks a lot!
Get a metronome and do loads of different open string picking patterns (gallop, reverse gallop, 16ts etc.) about 10 mins of that per day should help