Hello need advice. Im trying to play under the bridge by red hot chilli peppers yet I have a problem the way John plays his guitar for the song is he uses his thumb for the sixth string. And I have quite small hands I usually get by by I just can't use my thumb Atall as when I do I can't push down or when I do it restricts the movement of my other fingers, any ideas or tips would be most appreciated Thanks
Have you tried barring your index finger instead of using your thumb? It's often a good solution to when you can't wrap your thumb around like that.
I can't remember the exact passage you are referring to, but I am fairly sure you can work around the thumb like that.
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I can bar but I really want to add the thumb as it gives alot more options. The reason is iv watched a YouTube videO where John fruschante shows how to play the song and he says he uses his thumb otherwise it's impossible to play it. And I'm sorry I'm a self taught guitarist and I know very little about chords
im self taught too. its worth learning what youre doing. If nothing else it will help you when youre asking for help cause right now anybody who isnt familiar with the song has no idea what youre talking about.