What you think are basic rules of electric guitar playing that new guitar player should follow.

So what are first steps that person who wants to learn to play guitar himself (whithout instructors) should make, i think i have make wrong ones, thats why i need that info.

My goal is to be good rock, metal guitar cover player and maybi someday with some tallent i would write my own solos, riffs.

So yea lets say i am searching for my new guitar playing begining, any ideas, guides...?
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Learn songs that you like! The best way to start is to expose yourself to as many ideas as possible. Oh, and use a metronome. When I first started, I was waaaaay out of time. Even when I could play the right notes, the songs wouldn't be recognizable out of rhythm.
There is not just one way of learning. There are lots of things to think about. For an absolute beginner before attempting to learn songs I would suggest learning:

How to hold the guitar neck with the fretting hand properly

How to press down on the strings cleanly to make a good sound

How to hold a plectrum and how to move it to play the strings, both individually and strumming

The notes of the open strings and how to tune the strings

Start learning the notes on the fretboard. You probably won't remember them all at first. Usually people find the E strings (the top and bottom strings) are the easiest. You will learn more as you play more.

I think you should start making your own melodies, riffs and songs very early. Even if they are very simply one string tunes at first. This will help to grow your creativity as well as your playing ability.
Play everything you learn slowly and perfectly for a long time before trying to get to actual speed. Learn about the difference, relationships and effects that both short term and long term memory have upon your playing, and learn keeping both realities in mind. Don't be lazy and impatient. Those are the number 1 and 2 self battles that every guitarist must get the upper hand on.

thanks for answers a lot...

@ Jehannum
where do you think i can get discription on those things you would suggest ?