Hey, I'm currently in the process of building a partscaster and I have the option of a nice quality ebony fingerboard neck.

Is there anything I should take into account before decided to go for that over rosewood or maple?
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Not really... Ebony is THE premium wood used for fingerboards. It's smooth and it's dense and it looks great. However, be aware of that most ebony that is used on guitars these are dyed black because ebony very often contain streaks of brown in it.
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Ebony is the brightest-sounding fretboard wood. It requires almost no conditioning. Some peopel find it feels faster than finished maple, others find it doesn't. If you're used to rosewood you'll probably liek the ebony "upgrade". If you're used to finished maple it may be better for you to stick with that. Ebony fretboards can add a lot of weight to a neck too.
compared to rosewood, it is far easier to maintain and will "feel" a little bit harder when your really push the string down (I find that rosewood feels quite soft under finger). this is because it is quite a bit harder than rosewood.

compared to maple, it probably wont feel terribly different, at least compared to a good maple fretboard. it may be a little bit quicker and a little bit brighter, because it isn't finished, but it really wont be that different.

all that being said, there's a reason ebony turns up on many higher end instruments: its an excellent choice in regards to feel, tone and durability. you can't really go wrong with it