I need to buy Headphones, and I'm thinking of buying Sennheiser ones.
Which one should I buy? I have these options:
1. Sony MDR XD100
2. Sony MDR XD200
3. Sennheiser HD 428
4. Sennheiser HD 180
5. Sennheiser HD 202
6. Sennheiser HD 201

Out of these, which? Are there better ones out there?
My dad's got the MDR NC60s and the MDR NC7s. I have to say they're both great for the price (here in England). In the states they were a rip off.

Don't know about the Sennheiser but the Sennheiser buds I've used in life have been very good.

If you like your music very loud consider DJ headphones.
ive always found the over ear headphones to be much better than on ear. In that regard, the 428's look quite nice (similar-ish to my 515's). All depends on individual preference though.
With over-ear headphones I prefer to go Sennheiser.
I used to use the HD 202, but that's only because they are really, really cheap. They were still pretty decent but they lacked something I couldn't quite put my finger on.
They were decent enough for 20 bucks, I suppose *shrug*

Now I just use my PC headset.
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Best quality to price ratio deffinately goes to the HD202 MKIIs.