I would not suggest beta blockers. Do some research and you will see why. They can become extremely addictive and eventually harmful.
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Please watch my youtube video and tell me your pinon on it. It inst music its me explaining something I m dealing with. Any help would be appreciated.


My guess is that experience and being prepared will do alot more for you than beta-blockers.

Everyone gets nervous. I suggest dealing with it naturally.
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i know what you mean, i'm the same (but maybe not to the same extent) i definitely feel it's help me back too. i wouldn't recommend beta blockers or anything like that although i've used them before, never felt they were much use. as some o the guys said, i'd recommend trying to get over it without the use of anything, except maybe a drink of two might loosen up the nerves.

what's your musical background? where have you played etc? one thing you might try is setting yourself a short playlist (like 3 songs) and just play it for your dad or something, then play for maybe a few friends very informally, then start working towards maybe a setlist you could play at a house party, build it up like that over and over again, try to get experience but not in pressurising situations, build up to that sorta stuff.