Hey guys,

I'm looking for a guitar effect which will give me a melodic sound (in flames; iron maiden) and also more distorted/overdriven sound (thrash metal, etc.). It would be good if melodic and distorted sound was packed in one "box". I don't want a multi-effect, because I have one (Line 6 Pocket POD). For now I was looking at Dunlop Fullbore Metal, Digitech Metal Master Distortion and Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker, but I don't know if that'll do. My budget is about 200$ what would you recommend?
i know you said you dont want a multi-fx but a POD x3 would match any of those things easily and only cost slightly more

its value for money and saves having tons of little pedals around
I think you're right Well, maybe in your country pod x3 costs about 200$, but in my it is "slightly" more expensive Well, I'll think about it