A new song... vocals leave a bit to be desired, but there you have it.



You moaned getting choked was your fantasy.
I can oblige…
Bet I can pop those eyes with ease.

Golden showers, whips and chains, I think you’re nuts.
You sexy thing, you nasty thing,
You’re dangerous.

Your momma said, “you stay away from her.”
“That devil in disguise is still my little girl.”
But when she swallowed she engaged a mind game.
Deep in lust, I’m ****-struck,
It’s all the same… whatever the name.

I didn't like the vocals, kinda whispering or something (I prefer regular singing) The guitar needs to have strong chops, it's a bit messy if you ask me or improvised as you will. Lyrics are interesting yet vulgar and kinky But I liked the song how it set the mood for that "kinkyness" I would give 8/10

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firstly, it took a lot of time till the vocals started, and up till then i got kind of bored.
the guitar is a bit messy, but it has a great sound, and alot of potential.
i didnt really connect with the lyrics, but thats me..
i didn't really get the point of this song, if you know what i mean - i liked the sound, the vocals have something good in them, but needs work, and all in all i enjoyed listening to it, cuz it was weird, but i didnt understand where it was going...
its a good bit, but a bit weird for me..

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