Hi gang;

I've just realised that as I've been working I actually have a fair bit of cash to shamelessly blow on a nice new guitar. I'm looking at around £800 quid - but of course, I'll go higher or lower if it suits my needs.

I've played a bit of metal in my time, but I've been in love with post-rock recently, and having always been a fan I've written and recorded some myself. However, the quality of my guitar (budget!) really let me down I felt - I fully intend to record the album again with the new guitar... This is where you lot come in!

I'd quite like a guitar that can pull off really bright, balanced cleans, but pull some big crunch out the bag for the heavy parts. I imagine the word versatile gets chucked a lot, but I guess that's what I want.

I'm also looking to get a Blackstar amp when I can afford that too, if that influences anything.

I tried out a PRS SE Torero in a store today, which sounded nice, and seemed to handle what I was doing.. But I'm not sure I could handle the locked tuning - I flit in and out of drop tunings quite a bit.

Thanks for any suggestions (also sorry if this kind of thread is frowned upon, I never normally venture here!),

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I'd quite like a guitar that can pull off really bright, balanced cleans, but pull some big crunch out the bag for the heavy parts.
That's more down to your amp than your guitar.

Honestly all the stuff you've talked about is more about your amp than the guitar. You've not said what kind of feel or features you want a guitar to have.
what kind of amp and guitar do you have now?

as mentioned above, this could be a case of an inadequate amp more than an inadequate guitar.

also, if you plan on changing tunings ever, or you're not 100% sold on the locking trem, pass on it. unless you're really sure that you want a guitar with a FR trem or similar, they're going to be more work than necessary and you might resent it (i certainly did)
Ok; I probably should have mentioned that my guitar is inherited from my brother... It's a Yamaha budget model (Pacifica, I think, given the body shape, but it's an all-natural finish) - a fairly old one, I believe. There's some issues I've had with it sounding... Off on higher frets. As in, still in tune (and intonation being set ok), but the actual sound of the note is bad. Both acoustically and plugged in - that was a primary reason in me deciding to take a step up to a new guitar.

My other worry was that the quality of pickups affecting the sound of my guitar (which was where I thought the 'balanced' word came in - the pickups themselves (with no EQ) always seemed to bassy).

Now, I'll admit I'm not particularly knowledgable about the hardware aspects of a guitar, so feel free to enlighten me if my ideas this far have been wrong.

My amp is a borrowed Line 6 (Spider III...) from a friend, which is why I'm looking into the Blackstar range for a) my own amp, and b) a step up.. But I presumed that even then, the step up wouldn't fix the problems with the sound of my guitar.

Would you all corroborate these thoughts, or should I reconsider what I invest in?
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the amp is definitely not helping anything at all. the guitar probably isn't very good, but a new guitar through that amp wont sound much better.

I would suggest spending the 300 pounds (american computer, no pound symbol) on an Epiphone les paul standard (these prices are according to several on-line retailers who sell in the UK) and grabbing yourself something like a peavey valveking 212 (500GBP), a traynor YCV50B (400GBP- my pick) or a blackstar HT club 40 (525GBP). that guitar with any of these amps will prove to be a great basic rig that will last you quite a while