It's only when I play, but my amp is making some kind of feedback/static noise. The settings aren't any different than usual. It's a bass through a bass amp btw, and it happens with both of my basses. Any ideas of what's wrong and how to fix it?
does it have tubes?
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Is your mobile phone in your pocket?
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Is your mobile phone in your pocket?

My phone makes crazy noise through my guitar. Anyway, are you using any pedals at all or going bass right into the amp?
No tubes, I don't think (I would know if it did right?). It's just a regular combo amp.

No phone, but I do know that sound and it's nothing like that.

No pedals or anything, straight into the amp.

It seems to have suddenly stopped
If you mean where it plugs into the wall, yes. At least, I'm pretty sure I plugged it back into the same one the other day when I moved it out of my room and back. I haven't changed it since it stopped making the sound either.