So, just a funny song I made with a friend of mine, to sing to some girls in the bar... It is still being made, we're working on the chorus, and that should be it.

For now...

Before Making A Mistake

Before you take adventage of my beauty and my charm,
You should be informed I have no money and no car,
And I don't have time to take you to the bar,
If you can get past that, well, here's more.

I will give you my number, and wait for you to call,
Just to hang up, 'till you give it all,
I will watch you kneel, and smile when you fall,
If you can get past that, well, here's even more.


I will land you money, just so I can tell you about it,
To the rest of your life, 'till you break or quit,
I will let you taste, the victory so sweet,
Just to make it bitter, and laugh at it.


I will make you drunk, and make you mine,
I will mix you vodka, whiskey and wine,
If after hearing this, you're still fine,
I'm the one for you, 'cause there's nothing more.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's kinda "evil", but who cares? Stephen Lynch writes this kinda stuff, he rules.


~Ash Wichita