Recently I broke my back (really) and was unable to play for several months, thus my fingers are now slow, weak and clumsy. I was wondering what would be the best, as in exercises or anything, to get back to how they were before and further improvement?
Chromatic exercises to let the rust get off. Do this applying various techniques like sweeping, legato, tapping, alternate and economy picking. It's the best, in my opinion.
The best way to get back to how things were before would be to "take things slow". Instead of putting pressure on yourself, I think the best thing to do would be to imagine as if you were a beginner, play by fretting and picking comfortably, and soon, your real skill level will come back to you. 'Slowly but surely' is the best thing to do on guitar.

Also, instead of sitting down, stand up and practice/play often. This will ensure you are not putting too much strain on your weak back.
Good Luck my friend.
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