so i got my MIJ jaguar today.. im thinking of getting of new pickups for it. any suggestions?

i was looking at the seymour duncan hot rails. do anyone know about these well enough for a suggestion? thanks!
well... it would certainly help to know what kind of music you are playing. you probably won't like hot rails if you are playing dick dale-esque surf rock.
Not a fan of hot rails myself. Duncan makes some mini-humbuckers that are, or close to, the size of a single coil. I would advise against putting a full-sized humbucker in it unless you want to do some cutting on the guitar body. It's pretty damn expensive to have done professionally and it's not something you want to do yourself.

But as the above poster stated I can't really give you much more than that without knowing what you play.
Not the hot rails, i wouldnt even reccomend putting minibuckers into it alltogether, kills the vibe.

Cool rails seem to go well.

Otherwise id say check out some more boutique options, you can get handwound pups for the jag from vintagevibesguitars, catwhisker pickups, creamery, quite a few other places, they arent too costly.

If you ditch the strangle switch for a series/paralell switch, then get two single coil pups, one RW/RP in the neck position, you can whack it into series with both pups and it'll get pretty close to how a regular humbucker sounds.

You might wanna consider lowering the value of the pots too so it isnt so bright.
i play a lot of indie stuff. im in a band that kind of reminds me of the shins sound. and ya i definitely dont want to be dremeling any bigger holes in the guitar. something single coil would be good.

maybe some AVRI jaguar pickups? theres some on ebay im seeing for decent priced
I've heard that the AVRI pickups aren't that special. The reason they're on the market is because people have swapped them out. I'd say go for something else.

Ask around on short-scale.org as there are lots of people who live, breathe and **** fender jags there.

I had SD SJAG1/2 in my Jap Jag and while I liked the neck pickup there was too much contrast between the two. I felt like I was constantly wrestling to get some kind of a match between them. Obv each pickup is going to sound different but the bridge I think was too hot cf the neck pickup.

In retrospect I wish I didn't get them but it's gone now so meh.
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I had an '04 Japanese Jaguar years back that had a set of AVRI's and I found them to be quite acceptable run through a Marshall JCM. Seymour Duncan makes a few different Jaguar pickups but I have no experience with these and the above poster seems to make me skeptical of them so I can't vouch. Honestly, the stock pickups in the newer Japanese Jaguars sound ok to me.

If that's the first Fender Jaguar you've owned I'd buy a Mustang bridge and put it on there too...you'll thank me later.