ok.. I have a technical question for everybody...

I have an amp and a cab, the amp is a combo so it has 1 12'' speaker at 8 ohms and the cab has 4 12'' speakers at 8 ohms (I have one input on the cab at 8 ohms).

At the back of my amp I have 2, 8 ohm outputs.

My question is... am I giving one speaker the same power I give the other four in the cab? I'm trying to understand how this all works. I know that in parallel the voltage is the same but the current is divided. I don't know how the speakers in the cab are connected...

I tried it, it works, I'm just curious how it all works from an electrical view
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It terms of electrics i can only guess they are wired in parralell an not series?
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They are wired in parallel, but if you plug in a 60W combo to a 4x12 cab, it's the same as a 60W head pushing the 4x12.