i have an ibanez RG350MDX its really good but when i play the 15th fret on the high E it makes a horrible twanking noise it does it on and off amps and i dont know what it is it the fret or the string HELP!! i need it too stop
my Schecter used to do that at the 17th fret on the D string. Try raising the action just a little and see if it helps
first step would be to put new strings on. if this doesn't solve the problem, perform a complete set-up on the guitar (there is a great sticky at the top of this forum, or you could pay a pro to do it). I suspect that it is a truss rod issue (the relief is a little bit out) and it should be an fairly easy fix.

if that doesn't work, then you may have a high or low fret somewhere in the area (do a visual inspection right now, a bad high or low fret can be visible). if this is the case, take the guitar to a good shop and get them to fix it for you
Had same problem.

Take rubber mallet, or knife handle (has to be rubber..its what I)

Moove string away from fret.

Hit fret.

Repeat all the way up the neck toward the body...problem should be solved...
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