Okay, so basically, i don't have much knowledge when it comes to interfaces and microphones, and i want to record some music at home.

I would like to record both acoustic, and electric guitar, and also vocals using 2 microphones, firstly recording the guitars separately, then adding the vocals after

I would also like a USB audio interface, with preferably 4 inputs for microphones for future projects, as i also intend to record the band at home sometime.

Can anyone help me look for some good microphones and a good interface all for around about £300?

I have knowledge of recording programs, as i've been recording everything through a rockband microphone for the last 2 years, now i feel it's time for some real equipment.

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I feel like once you get to the point you want more than 2 inputs you should be looking at something capable of recording drums with a bunch of mics and a whole band, but thats just my opinion something like the Pre-Sonus fp10
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Quote by morson93
as i also intend to record the band at home sometime.

Can anyone help me look for some good microphones and a good interface all for around about £300?

Just a good set of drum mics is going to cost you most of your budget right there. Also to record a band, especially since drum kits have so many mics (usually), you're going to want to look at getting a mixer. Honestly if recording your band is a plan for the future, I would just go ahead and buy a regular 1 or 2 input interface to satisfy your current needs and look at getting a mixer down the road.

Just my $0.02, good luck.
Sorry, i forgot to mention that the drums will not be recorded on a standard drum kit, they will be recorded through midi, on a Roland HD-1.

Anyway, any suggestions?

Can I buy a mixer to hook up to the comupter and record straight through the mixer? or does the mixer come out from the interface?
I would personally avoid mixers, as there really isn't a need for them unless you don't have enough inputs on an audio interface. Interfaces aren't that expensive you might as well just buy a bigger and better one instead of a mixer. If you plan on recording everything separate just get a 2 channel and you will be fine. If you plan on doing more get a interface with more channels.

I only really use a mixer (actually MIDI controller mixer) to adjust volume because I like being able control sliders physically. I record everything and EQ through my DAW.

I guess some say mixers have better pre-amps but to be honest you could once again buy a better interface.

TLDR: Unless your recording everything at same time and can't afford an interface that can record multiple channels at once or have a computer that is to slow to allow multiple recordings at once. I don't think you should worry about a mixer. If your recording one instrument at a time don't worry about mixer. You have to remember unless the mixer has multiple output everything that goes on a mixer will be recorded on one channel.
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I wanted a mixer for the sliders and EQ so i can do it on the desk instead on the computer, because i'd prefer to do it like that, but i don't nessesarily need that instead of an interface, i would much rather have a MIDI mixer coming from the interface like you have said.

So any good suggestions for interfaces with 4 inputs, and 2 dynamic microphones good for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals
pretty much the only USB interface i can think of with 4 inputs:
doesnt really leave you with much left over for mics though.

if you want to use a MIDI mixing board so you get the faders, i have heard these are pretty solid:
havent tried one myself, but im thinking about picking one up sometime soon.
I think i'm going to get that M-Audio fast track ultra, thanks for the sugestion.

I saw a set of 3 Behringer mics for around £30 aswell, what are these going to be like? Good enough for recording at home, or a waste of money do you think?