i'm in the market for a new cab.
i want a cab with vintage 30's. that's teh first thing.

cause i play stuff like tool and porcupine tree, but i allso play djent and heavier stuff.
and i will probably buy 7 string guitars in the future. th evintage 30's offer much clarity if i understood well and a lot of power and tonal range.

the Framus cab is the first that jumped to my mind because it is the less expensive. the orange cabs are 100 euros more.

now i ask myself is it worth it to keep my money for an orange or Engl cab or would the Framus do the job perfectly the same?
cause teh material is the same except that the framu sis plywood and the orange is birch high density plywood. but they both pack V30's from celestion.

i allso heard that some amps have the cheap chinese V30's that aren't as good. is it possible that that is the case with that framus and that is teh reason for the low price?

edit: my amp is a valveking but i will probably replace it with an Engl invader or powerball 2 someday...
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Both are made from birch ply. Both use Chinese V30s - and according to Celestion and a couple of useres on here, the British and Chinese Celestions are identical.

The difference between the Orange and Framus is that the former is made in Britain (long as we're talking about the PPC), while the latter is made in China. The dimensions are also different, which has a big impact on tone. The Orage sounds fuller and more pleasant than the Framus, which has a lot of bite, but not much low-end. The Orange is nicer and worth the extra money imo, but the Framus isn't bad and for most people, would do in a pinch.
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People who say the Chinese V30s sound like crap are stupid corksniffers who wouldn't even be able to tell the difference in the first place.

I'd go with the Framus if you don't want to spend the extra cash, the Orange is going to be built better, but is up to you whether it sounds better (the Orange is a bigger design and thus will have more lowend). Just be careful with the Framus, the tolex they put on their amps and cabs is paper-thin, but they still make a solid cab.
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ok thank you! maybe i'll save for teh orange instead sounds like its' better for my tone since i like full round thundering tones and perfect cleans without too much twang
if you're planning on upgrading your amp, save up for a decent cab... If really matters A LOT
yes i know that's why i ask the question,i am not experiencced on the domain of cabs that's why i ask before i buy.

i heard the orange is very very nice nd a lot of guys use it so it must be a proof of quality. right? anyways i think that when you buy orange you can't go wrong in terms of quality.