My take on the beat it solo. As i am from amsterdam myself i had to do a tribute to the great eddie van halen and Michael Jackson for obvious reasons...

I don't have a whammy bar (tremolo arm) so it's hard for me to expres myself, like eddie van halen, so i did it my way

Let me know what you think


PS: i know im not eddie van halen ;-)
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Sound's pretty smooth, maybe it's just the soundlevels, but if feels like it needs a little juice
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Thanks guys !

It a rule of mine to never use lots of juice, i already tweaked it as much as possible. Eddie didn't even use a dist pedal and i,m using one.....

The gain is fine imo, with less gain you hear much more of the mistakes and more of the guitar itself

Thank you guys for the comments !


PS: the sound gets really fuzzy when you use lots of gain (unpleasant sound to my ears )
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For everyone that likes to know my effects. I only use a little bit of distortion (trying to get the brown sound) and a tad of reverb.

Also i am using a guitarport.

Really like your lead tone! Playing is pretty solid too regardless of the lack of the lack of a whammy bar!
I liked it, great job. Very clean I didn't hear any string noise. Awesome tapped harmonics too.
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I think this is perfect. I like it better than the original. You played it 100% flawlessly!! Awesome job!
Wow. I'm even happier you liked my guitar playing after watching that. That was incredible. Well done. It all flows seamlessly.

Best cover on UG in a while IMO.
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hey i just realized i never got back to you after you commented on my cover, my apologies. im really glad i caught it though so i could see this. its tough to sum up just how clean and well done it all was. and on top of that the tone was spectacular.

as normul just said "Wow. I'm even happier you liked my guitar playing after watching that. That was incredible. "

i feel the same way
Nice cover man! The playing was great, very fluid. And the harmonics came out very clear. From a technical aspect it was near perfect. The only real criticism I could give is that I'd prefer to hear a little more dramatic vibrato throughout. Some of the sustained noted felt like they needed a little shake as they were carrying on. But that's the only thing I can find, and it's only a small detail.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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That was kickass man! Solid tapping, nice tone, I do agree with InanezGuitars44^ though. You should just get into the solo and feel it a bit more you know, make some faces!

The track is the same tempo as the original ;-)

ALso i would like to note, i am not a person that really makes guitar faces. There are those rare ocassions when i do :-P

But this doesn't mean i don't enjoy or feel the music. I had soo much fun covering this song !! although i admit it didn't look like that. Mabye something to work on i guess......

thanks for your replies people !!!

Pretty sweet playing there. Lack of whammy did hold you back a bit but you did a good job making up for that.
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Hey bro, that was amazing! I like how you handled the spots with the whammy by filling in with other licks. All of your bends were spot on, in-tune. Very good job man.

c4c? ^_^ https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1445754
Nice work man, the lack of a whammy didn't let you down at all. It sounded pretty much perfect

Thanks for your comments. I am surprised how different the reactions are to my solo. Some people don't even notice the absence of the whammy while others think the lack of whammy held me back....

I for one didn't really miss the whammy bar, and to be honest i hate the damn thing...

Very well done, I missed the whammy but I think you pulled it off well enough without it! The little lick around :18 could use some cleaning but barely. Beautiful last bend too! Well done!
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Pretty sweet man. Pretty tight playing! and i love the knockin on the guitar!

The knocking, wasn't included in the backing track so i decided to use the guitar as a door :-D
Thanks for your kind replies !


Thanks you very much Shir !

Always try to do my best ;-)

Thanks for your critique!

Well for this solo, I'd have to say it's pretty spot on. There's honestly nothing I could honestly say that needs improving (I promise, I'm not just saying that as a cop out). Great job!
Hey man solid playing, basically 100% , the only thing I could say is i felt the bends and stuff were a little out of time around 18 - 20 second mark. Kick ass tone and the rest was clean and crisp, excellent job
Quote by Wardy-Slash
Hey man solid playing, basically 100% , the only thing I could say is i felt the bends and stuff were a little out of time around 18 - 20 second mark. Kick ass tone and the rest was clean and crisp, excellent job


No it's not

I am very critical of my own stuff, but i didn't find the timing to be off at 18-20...

Though my cover is far from perfect, the timing is just fine at 18-20



I did all the harmonics that eddie did... even the tapped harmonics came out good hahahaha so i don't know what you really mean by that, or did i miss some harmonics ??

Sorry mang! I realized that i had two beat covers open up. Maybe the at :25 couldve been a bit more....Ooomphh

But other than that like i said, I cant complain!
hahahaha apology accepted !

I was already going wtf, the harmonics are in there ! I have to agree that the 0.25 harmonic could have been more squeelish ;-)