How are they? I did a search on them, and the few useful threads that I found were pretty old, so I'm looking for some fresh info on them. Obviously I'm not expecting them to sound as good as any of the bigger brand names, but for $30 each ($60-$90 for a full set, which is equal to the price of one brand name pickup), I think it would be cool to have something that sounds different, and surely they'll sound better than most stock pickups? I'm looking to replace the Ibanez Infinity pickups, in a guitar with H-S-H.

How are they in general? What pickups do they offer that are similar to _______ Seymour Duncan pickup? What's a good single coil for the middle position, that would be good for cleans?
The only ones I have tried are the Dream 180 and the Mean 90. There's a Mean 90 in my Gibson right now and there's absolutely no plan to switch it out any time soon, so the pickups are good.

What you'd want depends on your musical wants. What do you want from the pickups?
I put the Lil Punchers in my Squier Tele and the NYII Alnicos were in my Gretsch when I got it. Both perform well and are IMO well worth the price.