I searchbar'd and found zilch so i took it upon myself to open this thread.
First of all, don't bother flaming or just coming in here to post "I don't really like/know Jane's Addiction"......ok? please?

Now, for the relatively recent news (for those J.A. fans who have been living under a rock ) :
New song: "End to the Lies"
What do you think about it (off the new album, coming out in August - i think)?
Personally, i only hope the rest of the album turns out to be closer to Ritual or Nothing's Shocking than this new release may suggest. Although i think this has some resemblance to Obvious, i find it a bit too "synthy" for my taste.
I wouldn't say Strays is a terrible album, but comparing it to the first 2 studio albums almost brings me to tears...

Anyway, i think Jane's Addiction deserves a lot of respect, so i'd like to see who's with me
i love Jane's!!! i saw them a few years ago when they were touring with NIN, they blew NIN off the stage!
personally, i really like Strays, but im in agreement that their previous stuff is better.
im so psyched for their new album!
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Yeah me too! After all, they're pretty rare But I was a bit put off that their new "End to the Lies" song is actually about Eric Avery and not wanting him around or something...