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I play worse when I play in front of a person or a couple of people. I've never played in front of a crowd, although I probably would play well, because of the energy and excitement.
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I think it's an issue of just being used to playing in front of people. I'm not sure, my stage fright just kind of faded away, I do still get a bit nervous, but most of the time I'm OK.
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Practice until you know that you are good. Playing in front of strangers is much easier than playing for your own people. For the most part, you never see the strangers again but your friends will always remind you of the time you ****ed up.
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i hasve found that playing in front of 1 or 2 people is way harder than playing on stage. on stage its a crowd but in fornt of 1 or 2 people its... well, people. people are scary and people judge you. a crowd ain't shit.

at least thats how I have always found it to be. I suggest drugs and alcohol. whiskey and valium works well. opr tequila and speed. depends on the style of music.
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In all seriousness, you just have to go up there and do it over and over until it doesn't phase you.
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Heroin is probably the best.
Try getting Chlamydia as well, it helps with confidence, knowing it's symptomless.
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Alcohol or drugs really don't improve your playing at all even though they do loosen you up a bit (and make for a fun night). Just keep playing in front of crowds and play in front of people as much as you can. You'll get better.
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Don't let the fear eat you. Eat the fear. The crowd wants you to do well, they want entertainment, not a night of booing. If you try to kick ass, they'll support you, and together you'll form a giant ass-kicking mob, of which you are the master ass-kicker and orchestrator, controlling it all with the power of your muse. Feed off that fear to go over the top to compensate for it, and feed off the energy of the crowd to give you the strength to take it to eleven.

But most of all, be a badass. That's what people want in rock. Badasses making badass music while doing badass things. They don't care if you miss a note here or there. They just want to feel like you're giving everything you possibly can out there, and they'll give you it right back.

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You'll realize that they'll feel much more nervous than you will and you'll be much more confident throughout the show.
I used to hate getting on here and seeing 'just go do it' when someone would ask this question. One night I just did it, and went to go sing at an open mic night and it was amazing, cheers and applause after every song, biggest rush and high of my life especially for me, I have crippling stage fright and thats not an exaggeration, I played guitar for 6 years before getting on stage just to do instrumentals. Singing was another animal, but the crowd could tell I was nervous and my voice was shaky during the first song, Iris by the goo goo dolls, and the crowd began singing the song back with me. Like necrosis1193 said, they want you to do well and if you get a good crowd or group they will even give you tips on how to get better, I talked with people for about an hour after my first open mic on what went well and what I could do better. Just go for it.
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i hasve found that playing in front of 1 or 2 people is way harder than playing on stage. on stage its a crowd but in fornt of 1 or 2 people its... well, people. people are scary and people judge you. a crowd ain't shit.

at least thats how I have always found it to be. I suggest drugs and alcohol. whiskey and valium works well. opr tequila and speed. depends on the style of music.

This. I have played in front of small crowds before, but last time I played to an almost empty room and completely ballsed up worst day in a longggg time.

Alcohol helps, srsly
as long as it doesn't make your playing suck
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Practice more. Dont practice till you get it right, practice till you cant get it wrong. once you can do it youll fine live (maybe). It gives you more confidence in yourself, you may think you've got the song down but you can always learn it better.
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It might be a good idea to pick a fight with someone shortly before going onstage so you can stop the fight in order to play. By the time you get on stage everyone will already be expecting a half-assed grindcore show and the adrenaline should make it terribly easy to play. Seriously though, my first show was with close friends and I could play anything we were going to play while in a coma. So I wasn't nervous at all even though the crowd was close enough to touch us the whole time. Practice a ton before going on stage and you won't have time to prepare or think about how the crowd is going to act and hopefully when you get on stage you will be so focused on the music that you won't care what the audience is throwing at you.
Uh rock the **** out man, you don't give a shit about what anyone think, if you're out of tune, people don't want to hear you play your solo perfectly they want you to play like you're enjoying yourself
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