Thinking about getting a blackstar halfstack to replace my practice amp. Please reply if you know a better metal amp i can get for £250-350. However, needs to be a relatively small amp due to transportation

As an owner of a Blackstar HT5 I highly recomend it to anyone looking for a good practice amp that can get good medium to high gain tones. It doesn't do high gain really well because it gets pretty fuzzy about 6-8 on the gain knob (though a noise gate will fix that) but the ISF knob is what really sells it cause it allows you to get a wide range of tones and it works best when you roll back the mids (which is somewhat of a standard in metal anyway). If your looking for a relatively small amp thats easy to transport though, I would suggest getting the combo. Having the speaker in a cab is cool and all but it makes it a pain in the ass to transport (of course, I have two speaker cabs so you might have an easier time with just one). Now would be a good time to look into one cause they just rereleased it with added reverb and a tone knob.
Yeah you can get some decent tones from the ISF when the EQ is flat, but 1) who uses their amp with the EQ flat? 2) Blackstar recommends rolling back the mids (meaning dipped, not scooped) to better hear the changes made by the ISF.

And as for the fuzz, not all amps have a break up that quick. I use it that way because those are tones I'm going for (acid rock). Just thought I'd let him know roughly where the fuzz point was on the gain channel