I was wondering if I could use an acoustic amp for my electric and my electric amp for my acoustic? I have two electric guitars and one electric amp and in case I need to play both of them(not at the same time . If I don't mention this, some people will be very confused) can I?

What about bass amps??? Are guitars compatible with those because I almost never play my bass..
my cousin used to play his electric through an acoustic amp, but it eventually blew..

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Hmm....just tried it. I wanted to make sure nothing would happen. After reading ^^^ I probably wont run electric through acoustic. I have a modeling amp so the acoustic sounds like an electric.

Annnnyway, I got a new acoustic today Here are some googled photographs. Too lazy to meet the req to post a NGD thread :

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about the only thing you can't do (or shouldn't i should say) is run a bass through a guitar speaker cab.

otherwise, everything is doable basically.

and it's all been done.