has a really nice feel to the whole song, each section goes on just long enough that you get into the groove but dont get bored.

i like the fact that the lead guitar sound distant, most likely cuz you use a head set for the recording but IMO it works great, i like to think outside of the box when it come to recording/ mixing etc.. so while others may think it doesnt sound like it "should" i really like it. it gives a uniqueness
i really liked the sound.... everything sounds great except the lead which sounds like it is played in the other room, which is very cool i also liked the echo on the snare, if thats what its called...
i really like this bit, its got a very relaxed feeling to it, hope that is what you were going for.
and around 2:10 where it starts building a little tension, that is definitely taking the song up a level..
what guitar are you using, and what amp?
anyway, i really loved this piece, im downloading it.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1445267 c4c plz
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I liked it man good job

Those chords were really cool

I liked the low fi sound. Reminds me of my own recordings

This is going to sound weird.. but I was reminded of two songs while listening to that

"Build me up Buttercup"

and.. "Creep" by radiohead

Crazy, i could never imagine those two songs together. til now

as far as advice.. you seemed to hang in the same spot on the guitar neck for most of the song.

it takes time but start branching out and get a feel for different spots.

I tend to kind of gravitate toward certain areas myself. there are a few spots on the neck that I just flat out neglect. I need to work on that as well

Overall, It lifted my mood and I think that is the emotional feeling you were going for so.. job well done

And by the way it sounded great despite the recording method. Could have been much worse