I get uncontrollable feedback whenever I set the reverb setting past 3. It doesn't matter how far away I stand from the amp, or where the guitar faces. Is this normal in all twins? I assumed it was, but I've been having other reverb related problems including popping noises and swooshing static so I figured I better ask.
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sounds bad, maybe you dropped it or if youre in a band the drums are too close to it or the amp is on too loud, vibrations near the reverb tank cause for the popping and swooshing, but feedback you should take it to an advanced musical electronics store
Replace the tank, they arent too expensive.

Generally theyre under quite a bit of stress from the vibrations, connections can become loose easy. (Especially in a monster like the twin.) Might be worth wrapping some foam or something around the tank.

Also, is the reverb valve buffered? It probably is, replace the reverb valve, in fact, id do that first.
I didn't drop it because it's been doing this from the day I got it, its practically a brand new amp. It was shipped to me so maybe it got damaged in shipping? I think I'm just gonna contact fender customer service and see if they can repair it for me or send me a new one.