Hey guys. So we're in the beginning stages of getting our demo tracks recorded, and we already have a record label connect. We're somewhat new to recording so some things..
help would be appriciated

- we got everything down and are re recording some things at a later time like the vocals because they are too quite up untill about :38 seconds. Fast forward to that part if you would like.

- I definintly know its not mixed right. But what are some basic tips. The bass is definintly too prominant, but we just recorded a new bass track and i had it up to stand out.

- The guitar ( out of tune in the begininning riff slightly with bugs me) and it also appears to loud for the verses but i believe the vocals are what should be worked on there.

Thanks guys this means a lot to us.

this sounds like Plain White T's/Sublime/Kooks...

And only thing I would advise is to listen to the song and make it sound right to you...
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