I'm going to college in about two months and I wanted to get an acoustic electric, and I'm looking for suggestions. I'm looking for something that has a nice sound, but not so nice I'll freak out if it gets knocked over at a dorm party. The electric quality isn't a deal-breaker, I just want the option. I've been playing a Greg Bennett for the past 8 or so years and was never too crazy about it. My price range is about $200-$300. I've got my eye on the Ibanez V70CE, any advice?
I bought an Ibanez AEG20E today. It is really good with a powerful preamp. It has a slimmer body than a dreadnought so it doesn't deliver as much of a bass. Plugged in, the built in controls/tuner can do anything. If you want deep bass, plug it in . The action is excellent....and this is coming from an electric player.

About the V70CE, I tried that when purchasing the AEG20E. It does have a dreadnought bass but the electronics aren't as good. + it isnt as sexy as the AEG
I'd personally recommend the Yamaha FG700 (or 730). Solid-top, electronics, but reliable as hell. I'm sure patticake will back me up here, with lots more pretty details. And if your concern about dorm parties, you could always just leave it in its case. Disclaimer: hard-shells are not tequila-proof.
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