recently friend in my guitar class suggested i start learning to get my chops up and seems like a good idea so he suggested i start with trivium songs like if i could collapse the masses and ember to inferno wanted to know if thats good idea or if theres anything else others would like to suggest, i wanna get more used to alternate picking and gallops
A great riff for alternate picking is the opening riff from Rain from...Crusade I think.

EDIT: Just kidding, Ascendency.
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A great riff for alternate picking is the opening riff from Rain from...Crusade I think.

Rain is from 'Ascendancy'.. I agree!... the intro riff is good for building up a fast metal 'gallop'!!
Awesome riffage to be had in Detonation. Just the second part's main riff. Most of Shogun if you're already comfortable with some metal picking too!
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yea even though i don't play metal at all anymore, nothing helped my metal chops like Ascendancy. Forget ember to inferno, tis all about learning stuff from Ascendancy
Why would you learn something you obviously either don't want to or don't listen to? It's all very well and good trying to improve but there's no point at all doing so with music you don't know and like and listen to and so on.
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Requiem is a relatively easy fun song. Entrance of the conflagration is good for *ahem* metallica-esque rhythms. Like light to flies is good too, or pull harder without the solo.

Like callisto to a star in heaven is probably your only bet off shogun unless you have a seven string.
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